Grassbaugh Safety Protocols

Submitted by Grassbaugh on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 1:39pm

Safety is not just a company priority, goal, or a value, it’s a deep moral responsibility of Grassbaugh, LLC to provide a safe place of work for our employees. At Grassbaugh, LLC one of our objectives is to have each employee return home each day to their families.

We provide a safe place of employment by preplanning each job through our Job Hazard Analysis program and being proactive in monitoring the job site through our safety auditing program while maintaining job safety culture throughout the day with safety toolbox talks. All of these elements provide our employees with a safe place of employment.

Maintaining our safety training program every employee will comply with the OSHA Construction standard by completing OSHA 500 training, annual CPR/first aid and our onboarding safety training.

Upholding our safety program Grassbaugh, LLC will be able to prevent incidents and maintain safety to its employees.